Frequently Asked Questions

Light customizations like changing font and colors can be easily done by editing Settings file:
Socium Settings
More complex customizations would take a bit more effort, but are also easy to implement, because the project has a flexible and modular architecture.
App launch will require some effort from you. Socium is a large and pretty complex app, take it serious for bringing a great experience for your future users.
Most of the time takes server configuration. The documentation has clear step-by-step guide how to set up the server part, as well as how to configure and customize the client app.
Besides, the server app is packed into a Docker container for easier deployment. We also provide a useful installation scripts, so if you met a prerequisites, installation process will take about 1 hour.
Yes, Android version is in our roadmap.
Yes, we are always willing to help you! Feel free to contact us at

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